Chiquis Rivera talks about her new perfume 'Reina' and motivating fans to find their inner power.

Por Lena Hansen
Junio 05, 2019

Chiquis Rivera talked about her new perfume ‘Reina' on her Youtube channel and how she hopes to empower her fans with it. The Mexican American singer, 33, shared a video to promote her new fragrance that makes a powerful statement. The clip shows a collage of bad news being reported on the media and Latinx people being affected by these social trends. It shows a gay teen afraid to come out of the closet and face rejection, a trans woman afraid of the violence against the transgender community, an obese Latina subjected to bullying and a Hispanic domestic worker listening to a speech by President Donald Trump criticizing Mexican immigrants.

The video also shows Chiquis with her makeup smeared from crying, staring into a mirror with insults written on it. Each of these characters chooses to keep fighting and stay positive against all odds, delivering a message of empowerment. At the end, they each say: “Yo soy Reina” [I am Queen], mentioning her new perfume.

The daughter of Queen of Banda Jenni Rivera says she wants to motivate fans to find their inner power and feel like royalty with this new fragrance. “This a much more than a product, much more than a project,” she says. “I think it's my mission in this world to empower, to inspire people through what I've been through, what I've learned and keep learning.”

The artist —who also has her own makeup and skincare collection— adds in her Youtube video that she doesn't want to be a victim of her past and wants others to let go of negative experiences and work towards their dreams. “I am a Queen because I have gone through a lot of things and I don't give up, I don't let negative things eat me up inside and diminish my confidence as a woman.” The perfume bottle contains little golden specks symbolizing “broken pieces.”

“The video shows what I have gone through, the bullying, the cyberbullying, the verbal abuse when I was young. I have lived through all of that,” she says about the promo clip, emphasizing the importance of self-love and being proud of who you are.