"There is only one Chiquis."


Chiquis Rivera shined last week on the Premio Lo Nuestro stage in Miami, and was approached by reporters from El Gordo y La Flaca at the airport when she returned home to Los Angeles. She was asked about her friend, Mexican businessman Mr. Tempo, to whom she has been romantically linked in the past. "Ask me about me, please," she told the press, avoiding the subject.

When asked about her ex Lorenzo Mendez, she said it's time to move on. "We are in 2021, you guys," she said with a smile, not responding to rumors that Lorenzo sent her flowers and tacos on Valentine's Day. "It's a new year," she added.

She reacted to one last question. "They say he has a girlfriend, that her name is Jennifer, and that she looks like you," a reporter said about Mendez. "There is only one Chiquis, forever and ever," the singer said as she got into her limo.

Lorenzo Mendez y Chiquis Rivera
Credit: Mezcalent.com

Chiquis spoke to People en Español about healing after her divorce from Mendez. "The truth is I'm feeling very peaceful," she said. "I obviously have my days where I miss him a lot because I got married thinking it would be for the rest of my life. It didn't work out and that brings me a lot of sadness. It's been very difficult to live through a divorce and have to do it in front of the entire world, facing criticism and all of that. I am at peace because I know who I am and what I did in that relationship."

The Mexican American star also said she was open to love and wishes Lorenzo happiness. "I wish him all the best. I pray for him every day, I ask God to enlighten him," she said. "I send him love and lots of light every morning. He is someone who was — and still is — very important in my life."