Chiquis is sharing quality time with her family during the holidays in the midst of her divorce from Lorenzo Mendez.

Chiquis Rivera is spending quality time with her family during the holidays and finding emotional support in her siblings during her painful divorce from Lorenzo Mendez. The Mexican American singer shared a photo of herself laying in bed with her younger brother Johnny and sister Jenicka with the caption, "Just what my heart needed."

Jenni Rivera's daughter opened up to People en Español about her divorce from Mendez. Chiquis admitted that it's hard to be going through this process during the holidays after a difficult 2020, where she had to battle COVID-19, among other challenges.

Rivera family
Credit: (JC Olivera/WireImage)

Winning her first Latin Grammy for her album Playlist lifted her spirits, and she plans to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with loved ones. "This year has helped all my siblings and I grow a lot," she said. "I see that they are all stronger. My abuelita is also doing really well, I spend time with her. I thank God they are all really well." 

She also shared a photo with her grandma Rosa, a breast cancer survivor, in November with the loving caption: "The light of my life. Grandma. I love her! Thank you for your prayers and unconditional love. My first mother."

December is a difficult month for the Rivera family, who lost singer Jenni Rivera on December 9, 2012 in a helicopter crash in California. Chiquis has said she feels her mom watching over her from heaven. "We like to spend Navidad at my abuelita's house and I'm thinking of taking my siblings on vacation for New Year's," she told People en Español"I love being with my family, that's what gives me strength."