The song is a remake of Frankie Valli's classic hit "I Love You Baby."

Por Lena Hansen
Agosto 14, 2020

Chesca talked to People CHICA about her hot new collaboration with Pitbull, "Te Quiero Baby," a Latinx remake of Franki Valli's classic "I Love You Baby." "Pitbull, his boys — DJ Chino and Jorgie — and I love interpolating old hits, and while being in the studio, DJ Chino starts singing Lauryn Hill and I go, 'That's a Frankie Valli song interpolated by Lauryn!'" Chesca recalls. "Chino goes, 'Let's make it in Spanish. I go, 'Brilliant!' and that's when the idea was born." Working with Mr. Worldwide has been a blessing on many levels. "I consider Pitbull family at this point, so working with him is always fun," says the Puerto Rican singer. "We love what we do and enjoy every second of it. Pitbull has become not only a close friend, but the best mentor for me."

Pitbull adds about the singer: "What I admire most about Chesca is that she's not only talented, but that Chesca has a hustler mentality with a vision for her art. Chesca is a hard worker and is very hands on — not only with the completion of the song, but the creative and editing around the video."

Chesca and Pitbull
Credit: Courtesy of Saban Music Group

This is just the beginning for Chesca, born Francesca Ramírez, who hopes to release at least four more songs before the end of the year. The star has not let the coronavirus pandemic stop her. "I've stayed busy creating songs, I started learning how to play the piano, and I could be a chef at this point!" she jokes about the new talents she's acquired over the past few months.

Credit: Randall Slavin

There is also a new EP in the works. "We're working to release an EP soon, but my most important goal as an artist is for people to be inspired by my story and follow their dreams no matter how hard or impossible they seem," states Chesca. "I want them to hear my songs and relate to them and feel touched by them. And of course I want to make people dance!"

Chesca got her first taste of fame singing with the Pussycat Dolls. "It was my first big gig as a professional singer and dancer and it gave me the confidence I have now," she says. She was also part of the cast of Nicky Jam's TV series El Ganador and sang the theme for the recent Dora the Explorer movie. "It was super cool because I used to watch Dora," she admits. "Inspiring young girls and females around the world is my biggest mission. We can achieve everything we put our minds to."

She grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Madonna, and "big voices like Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin," and dreams of recording music with Latinx artists like Ozuna and Cazzu. "I would come home from preschool and put on a show for myself," she recalls. "My mom and dad encouraged me to be an artist."

Even though she has faced many challenges — like a boating accident at age 11 that almost cost her her life — she has remained positive and unstoppable. "My accident made me the strong woman I am today. All the struggles, sacrifices, and letdowns are what motivated me to keep going," she says. "Proving not only to other people — but to myself — that I can do everything I put my mind to. I've been pushing for years and I won't stop. Music keeps me sane and keeps me looking forward to what's next. Music is a box full of surprises — you never know what comes next."