Flamenco star Rosalía's new music video "F*cking Money Man" talks about the evils and virtues of money. Check it out!

By Lena Hansen
July 05, 2019 01:38 PM

Rosalía's new music video "F*cking Money Man" is making the internet go wild. The flamenco star, 25, just dropped a music video that includes the two songs "Milionària" [Millionaire] and "Dio$ No$ Libre Del Dinero" [God Free Us From the Money], both talking about the evils and virtues of money. The first part of the video, "Milionària," shows the Spanish singer as a lucky television game show contestant who will do anything it takes to win money, including being blindfolded and touching a slimy slug. The song is in Catalan-celebrating Rosalía's roots-and seems to praise the power of bills falling from the sky as she wins a fortune before a cheering audience.

The second part of the video-"Dio$ No$ Libre Del Dinero"-shows a disenchantment with money. It shows Rosalía behind theater curtains-dressed in a haute couture suit and blinged out with gold jewelry-singing from inside a ring of fire while dollar bills rain on her. She then steps out of the ring of fire as the theater lights go out and looks back at the rain of money behind her, showing a detachment from it.

Rosalía/ Instagram

Rosalía is not the first Latinx artist to address money in her music. Reggaeton artists like Bad Bunny boast about the zeroes they have in their bank account in urban anthems like "Estamos bien." Jennifer Lopez also talked about cash flow in her song "Dinero," featuring Cardi B and DJ Khaled. J.Lo's serenade to the power of green unapologetically says: "Yo quiero, yo quiero dinero / I just want the green, want the money, want the cash flow / Yo quiero la venta, sí cincuenta, sí lo siento." The power of green keeps inspiring new music!