Puerto Rican singer Chayanne —featured in People en Españo'l's 50 Most Beautiful list— talks about staying on top of the music game and looking forever young.

Chayanne is like good wine, the Puerto Rican singer, 50, seems to get better with age! The legendary sex symbol is featured once more in People en Español‘s 50 Most Beautiful issue now on sale, yet he laughs when fans compliment his physique, making the humble superstar all the more charming. The secret to eternal youth, he says is having a healthy lifestyle. “I've always believed in taking care of myself, in exercising daily, in eating healthy without depriving yourself of the foods you like, you just have to have a good balance” he tells People en Español. “I think that's the key to great health.”

Being grateful and enjoying life —radiating true happiness— also makes you beautiful, he says. “In my career I'm thankful for my fans, for all those people who follow my music and go to my shows. I owe my career to them. I would have nothing without them,” he admits. “In my personal life, my family is what gives me the stability I need to keep working and achieving new goals.”

Chayanne - March 2017 Cover of People En Epanol

Being married to Venezuelan former beauty queen and lawyer Marilissa Maronesse for almost 30 years and having a close relationship with their grown children Isadora and Lorenzo, who are now college students, makes Chayanne feel fulfilled. How does he recharge when he's not on stage or in the recording studio? “Sharing time with my family and friends, enjoying a nice sunny day in the ocean. I'm Caribbean so the sea always calls me,” says the singer, who lives in Miami and enjoys his boat.

Working hard —yet having free time to take it all in and enjoy triumphs— is part of Chayanne's formula. The renowned artist —who starred in films like Dance with Me (with Vanessa Williams) and Linda Sara (with Dayanara Torres— is now focused on his Desde el Alma Tour and recording a new album. Since 1978, when he started his musical career in the boy band Los Chicos— Elmer Figueroa Arce (the singer's real name) has made women of all ages sigh with his romantic ballads, sexy dance moves and charming personality.

What are his keys to success? “It's not easy, but if you have perseverance, discipline and respect for what you want to do and want to become, you can achieve it,” he assures. “You have to set very clear goals for yourself and work toward them. Any career implies sacrifice, success doesn't come overnight, but if you have the strength and the desire, you can do it.”