The Puerto Rican artist shares details about her new song and explains what it's like to work with Yandel, who signed her to his label.

Por Alma Sacasa
Mayo 08, 2020

At first, music wasn't the career path that Puerto Rican artist Catalyna envisioned for herself — in fact, she thought about becoming a veterinarian. "I always liked animals and my plan A was being a vet," she tells People CHICA. "When I began music, I realized I should make it my plan A with the reinforcement and help. Music became my plan A and being a vet became my plan B."

The 21-year-old is now the first artist signed to renowned artist Yandel's label, La Leyenda Entertainment. "I feel very fortunate that out of everyone he could have picked, he heard my music and when he saw me he wanted to give me the opportunity," she says. "I never had someone communicate with me to make a business and actually follow through. Yandel was the first to be like, 'I like what she does, I want to give her an opportunity.' I feel really fortunate and happy to be guided by someone as big as him."

The two recently teamed up with Guaynaa for the single “Acompañame,” which is a song about a girl who finds someone she likes at a club but only wants to have a one-night stand. "Men always do that concept a lot, so we thought it would be funny," she explains. "It shows equality, too — we can do the same things as men without being judged. I want to make stuff women can identify with."

She's also working on her first album with Yandel, and admits it hasn't exactly been easy. "Difficult — we have been at it since August," she says. "It’s a hard process because you want everything to be perfect and be good on your first album. It’s a bit of pressure knowing it’s my first album under Yandel, so I want to give people good quality."

The album — which will feature a mixture of dancehall, R&B, trap, and reggaeton — doesn't have a name or release date yet because right now her focus is to promote the single. "I want [the name] to be perfect," she says. "I want it to mean something to everyone who has worked on the album. It’s a bit hard coming up with a name — I have so many ideas so I have to see what fits."

During quarantine, Catalyna has been home in Orlando, and while it hasn't always been easy, it has made her cherish her time with family. "I have learned a lot to value my family and life," she shares. "A lot of people have lost their lives, and maybe we were selfish not thinking about others. When this is over, I hope we can all go out into the world and be more positive and not hurt others, knowing so many people have passed."

While she's just starting out in the industry, she hopes to one day top the charts like Karol G and Natti Natasha. "I want to have at least one song on the charts, being among the people on top ... inspiring other women that they can also be artists like any man," she says. "Although it does not define an artist, I would at least want to win an award, a Grammy or something like that ... but once you capture an audience, you are an artist and a star and no one can take that away." 

Watch "Acompañame" below.