Puerto Rican actor Carlos Ponce takes a break from social media after sharing his thoughts about his split with TV host Karina Banda.

Por Lena Hansen
Abril 24, 2019

Carlos Ponce is taking a break from social media after his split with Karina Banda. The Puerto Rican actor shut down his Instagram account after sharing a post about his sudden breakup with the Mexican TV host. Banda, who is a reporter for Univision's El Gordo y la Flaca, opened up about the breakup on the show. Co-host Raúl De Molina expressed shock, saying they were expecting to hear engagement news rather than a separation announcement. Banda, 30, said the breakup was friendly. “We care a lot about each other, we are friends,” she assured Molina, citing their hectic work schedules as one of the reasons for their 10-month relationship coming to an end.

El Gordo y la Flaca‘s cohost Lili Estefan, a friend in common, introduced the two last year and they shared romantic trips to Colombia, Italy and England during their time together. Banda still has photos with the actor on her social media, but Ponce logged off after posting a long reflection about their breakup. “It was a very beautiful love story filled with affection, laughter, adventures, learning experiences…with a woman who is beautiful, loving, romantic, intelligent, selfless, with impeccable values and moral virtue,” Ponce expressed.

The actor doesn't get into details of why it didn't work out between them; he simply says it was not due to lack of love. “Love is the most important ingredient for a couple to be solid and stable, but is not the only factor,” he adds in his message. “‘Nothing is stronger than love?' is undoubtably a very beautiful phrase, but not always effective. I can vouch for that. I can also vouch for the fact that ‘Nothing is stronger than God's love' and that his plan for me is perfect and divine.”

Carlos Ponce y Karina Banda

The telenovela actor, 46 — who has also starred in films like Couples Retreat and series like Lipstick Jungle and Devious Maids — asked fans to respect their privacy as they both start new chapters in their lives. “Why does such a beautiful love story have an expiration date? The answer stays between God, her and I. Being a public figure doesn't mean that our private lives are available for public consumption,” he concluded.