In this week's #NewMusicFriday, People Chica is bringing you five songs to let go of the old and bring in a new reality.

May is officially here as well as eclipse season!

To make sure you've got the best playlist for your new beginnings, we're bringing you songs from Carla Morrison, Becky G and Tokischa to spice up your weekend.

With our #NewMusicFriday series, People Chica wants to bring you some of the hottest new songs that'll make you want to jam out all weekend long. So pull out your headphones and get ready to party!

"Diamantes" by Carla Morrison

After six years in hiatus, Carla Morrison has released her new album Renacimiento. The vocalist has released the music for her lead single, "Diamantes," which talks about her journey to finding her new self. In the song, Morrison is consumed by love, joy and acceptance of herself.

"ESTILAZO" by Marshmello & Tokischa

Grammy award nominee Marshmello and dembow queen Tokischa released "ESTILAZO" a club ready banger that fuses their amazing skills to bring a song for the summer. "ESTILAZO" fuses EDM and Dominican Dembow  in celebration of sexual liberation, feminism, and inclusiveness.

"Yá Acabo" by Marca MP & Becky G

Marca MP is adding a superstar to their hit song, "Yá Acabo" with Becky G. This remix of the heartbreak sad sierreño track will tug at your heartstrings while bringing you the best of these Mexican superstars.

"El Mejor Regalo" by Alex Fernández

Alex Fernández has written this heartfelt song for his newborn daughter, Mía as his latest single. The tune comes with a sweet video dedicated to his family and their new bundle of joy.

"Pensando en ti" by JonLee

Online love is the new reality. JonLee's new single is all about a couple who met through social media have started a relationship online. However, despite his efforts, it's not enough for him and he must continue looking for love.