"Still got abs!" she wrote. "Don't play with me."

Por Eliza Thompson
Junio 17, 2020

It has been proven time and time again that one should not question Cardi B, yet people continue to do so at their peril. This time, a Twitter user dared accuse Cardi of editing her photos to make her abs look more defined than they really are, and naturally, Cardi did not stand for it. She responded on Instagram with a video captioned, "Leave my rolls alone."

In the clip, the rapper wears a Louis Vuitton bikini while addressing a series of viral photos that purported to show her shopping at Target. "I know y'all ain't body shaming me!" she says, adding that she has gained "a little weight" and joking that she's holding it in after eating "breakfast, lunch, and some ice cream."

Cardi also addressed the Photoshop rumors on Twitter, responding to accusations that her abs are fake by saying that she's "always" had abs. "After I gave birth...Still got abs," she wrote. "Don't play wit me."

After showing off her touched-up peacock tattoo earlier this week, Cardi also shared videos of herself getting two new sternum piercings and a new stud just below her bottom lip. She really takes quarantine look updates to a whole new level.