The married couple has been keeping fans happy by sharing updates on Camilo’s first tour, including content of them together on and off the stage.

Por Karla Montalván
Julio 20, 2021

Colombian singer-songwriter Camilo Echeverry is on his Mis Manos Tour in Spain, and his wife Evaluna Montaner is showing her support by capturing their cutest moments together on the road. 

The Venezuelan actress and singer has been keeping fans on social media in the loop by posting updates of the tour, including clips of the couple singing one of their songs and sharing affectionate kisses at the end of Camilo's concerts.

"It's a dream sharing everything with you," Montaner said in an Instagram post showing the singing duo in Murcia.

Echeverry also posted a tour update on his personal Instagram, where he showed his appreciation for fans with this message: "Loving each second of the Mis Manos tour in Spain!"

The "Machu Picchu" artists have consistently proven throughout their long courtship and marriage how important it is to support each other both in their personal and professional lives, never shying away from showing their affection publicly.

Montaner and Echeverry met at an event in Bogota back in 2015 and were engaged by 2018. On Feb. 8, 2020, the couple married and have documented their lives as newlyweds during the pandemic on social media.

"We know that our relationship is not only our project but it's our testimony, and it's a very huge part of our purpose in life,'" Camilo said in an interview with ET in March. "My relationship with my wife has a lot of good impact on a lot of people."