"I twerk for my Queen of all Queens, Mother Earth," the singer shared with her followers.

Camila Cabello is getting in touch with Mother Nature.  

The Cuban Mexican singer posted a video and photos on her Instagram last Sunday where she is seen twerking during a hike in Escondido Falls, in Malibu, CA. 

"I twerk for my Queen of all Queens, Mother Earth ❤️ reading this book braiding sweetgrass right now- if you're looking for a read, this is already my favorite book I've ever read and I'm only three chapters in, "Cabello captioned the post. "Western's cultures relationship to nature is real twisted and broken, and we are seeing the effects of that in the planet everywhere right now. we could use some wisdom, and this book is all about Indigenous wisdom and what it can teach us."

The "Señorita" singer was inspired to share the post after reading the non-fiction book by American professor and botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants. The book's central argument: plants and animals are our oldest teachers, and the awakening of ecological consciousness requires us to celebrate our relationship with the rest of the living world. 

"We forget that we are interconnected to every living thing, that this earth is a living thing, that we are a part of nature and there is infinite wisdom, joy, and intelligence- if we only have our eyes ears hearts and spirits open," Cabello continued in her post. "So if you're struggling today, let this be your reminder to get outside and get connected. Mama Earth will take care of us. But we must take care of her. ❤️"

The artist has been seen enjoying outdoor activities this summer, including paddle-boarding and some much needed relax time with boyfriend Shawn Mendes. She received great feedback in the comments section of her twerking post from fans, influencers and other celebrities.

"Queen of twerking in the woods. Queen of twerking to save the planet. Queen of twerking to end global warming," said influencer Alex Goldschmidt.

Keep up the activism, Camila!