The Familia vocalist discussed how working through her mental health struggles helped her reframe how she approaches her music.

Camila Cabello is taking the wheel when it comes to who she works with and what she works on.

A few weeks after the release of her new album Familia, where she weaves in some of her most personal moments over the last few years, the Cuban Mexican songstress opened up to Variety about how her mental health struggles with anxiety have led her to be more confident and begin standing in her truth.

"Before, with the first couple of albums, I'd be like, 'What do you think? What do you think?' and now I don't send my music to that many people anymore," she told the publication. "Like, it doesn't matter if you love it. If I hate it, why am I out there promoting it?"

The Cinderella star is choosing to "tell the truth" with her music now and listen to herself.

"If I can't stand behind [a song] and want to perform it, let's not put it out, because it's just going to turn into some weird thing where I never wanna fu**ng sing it again, and it's all because I didn't listen to myself," she added.

For her new album, she has collaborated with top-notch artists like Yotuel, Ed Sheeran, Willow Smith and Maria Becerra as she explored themes surrounding culture, fame and heartbreak, among others.

She also went into the music booth ready to tell the truth about her experiences.

"I went in and just kind of talked about my anxiety," she explained. "My collaborators [would ask], 'What was this line about?' I was like, 'Eeek! I only talk about this with my therapist and, like, my mom.'"

Her Familia co-producers Ricky Reed and Scott Harris were instrumental in helping her bring her vision to life. "Anytime I would open up to them, I'd be like, 'I felt insecure about this today,' and they would respond like, 'You're talking that real s**t!'"

Cabello will be honored by Variety at their upcoming "Power of Women" event which recognizes the strongest female voices in entertainment and media.

The new Victoria's Secret Bombshell was selected for her Healing Justice Project, which provides activists with mental health support, her three Grammy nominations and other accolades.

"I'm so honored to be included on [Variety's] #PowerOfWomen list," Cabello wrote in Instagram. "Being on this list sheds light onto the power we hold as women and what we can do with that. Now more than ever we as women need to utilize that power against those who threaten our rights."