The new Amazon Prime version of the fairytale brings forth a heroine fit for contemporary times.


Amazon Prime's new movie, Cinderella, brings us an empowered heroine ready to take the reigns of her own destiny. This time it's not up to a prince to decide if the maiden is taken out of her misery based on the size of her shoe; she's ready to rescue herself. 

The film, available for streaming on September 3, stays true to Cinderella's background story. She is an orphan with two wicked step-sisters, she has an abusive stepmother, and yes—she speaks to mice. 

However, this version's characters have more depth and color than what we've seen in the past, with a Cinderella (Camila Cabello) that has a life beyond romance, marriage, and a dream life in a castle. She doesn't want to go to the ball to impress the prince, she wants to network!

"In this story, it is not just about the prince and the romantic relationship," Cabello said during a press conference. "It's part of the story, but I think girls will love this movie because I choose myself, I choose my future…that's the message."

The award-winning pop star not only brings Latina vibes and her musical talents to the character in her film debut, but she also builds a heroine we can relate to. This Cinderella aspires to be an entrepreneur who opens a shop selling clothes she designs, creating a life for herself independent of her past—redefining her happily ever after. 

"I don't want a life stuck waiving from a royal box any more than I want a life confined to a basement," Cabello's character tells her prince in the trailer of the upcoming film. "I have dreams that I have to chase."

Cinderella - Camila Cabello
Credit: Cortesía de Amazon Studios

Aside from Cinderella's character shift from damsel-in-distress to businesswoman, the film's diverse cast, including some of Hollywood's biggest stars such as Idina Menzel, Pierce Brosnan, Minnie Driver and Billy Porter, shed light on critical contemporary issues such as gender equity, prejudice, and politics. 

We sure can't wait for the clock to strike midnight on Friday and see how this new Ella inspires a whole generation of women everywhere.