Fans of Puerto Rican duo Calle 13 will be happy to hear about Eduardo Cabra's new solo project.

Por Lena Hansen
Julio 28, 2020

Eduardo Cabra reached international fame as one half of the legendary Puerto Rican duo Calle 13. Now, the singer is dropping the stage name Visitante — as he was formerly known to Calle 13 fans — and releasing new music under the name Cabra. In the new music video "La Cabra Jala Pal Monte," he sings about a little goat who escapes his cage, eats all the flowers and veggies in the garden, and runs free into the forest.

(Victor Chavez/Getty Images)

In the chilling video, the singer is wearing all white and is threatened by a masked figure wearing all black and holding a butcher's knife. People are watching this human sacrifice about to take place on their screens as part of a macabre TV show and must vote yes or no to spare or take his life. In the end, the singer is sacrificed, but when the killer takes off his black mask ... it's Eduardo Cabra holding the knife. “Without Cabra there is no Visitante,” he sings in the video, shot in Buenos Aires by director Niko Sedano.

The song was co-produced by Raúl Sotomayor, aka Tonga Conga, and co-written by Dominican author, singer, and songwriter Rita Indiana.

This is Cabra's first solo project as a singer; the multitalented artist has shined in the past as a producer, musician, and composer. "I think the Visitante figure is very important in Latin American music, and it was necessary to press delete on that so the message could get across," he told Remezcla. He also said this song is just the beginning and that he has an album in the works. "I’m currently working on a second track that’s coming out next month, and I’m going to be adding a new song every month so that it becomes a full album by early next year."