The Puerto Rican talks to CHICA about his new song with Wisin.


Following the success of his singles "Te Fallé" and "Dispo," Puerto Rican artist Brytiago is back with another song from his highly anticipated debut album. "Borracho," featuring Wisin, is about the kind of on-and-off relationship that causes you to go out with friends, have a little too much to drink, and start texting your ex.

"It’s a commercial reggaeton, something with an old feel of what he did before with what I do now — a more contemporary sound," Brytiago tells People CHICA. "For me, it’s a unique collaboration because I grew up listening to him as a kid, so to be able to have him on my track is a blessing and I am anxious to have everyone hear it."

Brytiago's debut album Organico is nearly ready, too. "I wanted each track to have a video. That was the goal since we have about four left to shoot," he explains. "We have rescheduled the dates and do not know when we will be filming, but I hope in April we can at least do one or two videos since the record is ready."

With features from artists like Rauw Alejandro, Lunay, Jon Z, Farruko, and Darell, the album is sure to have something for everyone. "Whoever likes reggaeton will get it, those who like trap will get their trap, those who like dancehall will have their dancehall," he says. "Whoever has not heard me and Darell for a while, we finally have a new collaboration. Jon Z, also — we had not released a song together in over two years."

Credit: @galore @princeandjacob

Like his fans, Brytiago is also eagerly waiting for the album's release, especially so he can finally hear what they think about it. "When I finished recording the album I felt a sense of relief, but I do not know how I will feel when it comes out and everyone hears everything and gives their opinion," he says. "That is going to be a different anxiety, but I am happy I got the people I wanted on the album."

Despite his repeated single success, Brytiago did feel pressure to get his debut full-length completely right.  "Some of the most stressful months of my career were the last two," he recalls. "I recorded about 25 to 30 tracks, and the first part that stressed me was having to pick apart those songs and seeing which I was going to use for the record."

The Puerto Rican is using these weeks in quarantine to spend time with his family and create music, but is still thinking about who he'd like to collaborate with next. "I do have some things I have been wanting to do. When the chance comes up I would love to," he says. "I want to do things outside of the genre that I am typically used to, I want to touch different audiences and places I have never been to. I have artists and colleagues in mind that I know I can achieve these things with."

In the future, he would also love to do things in the fashion industry while continuing to grow musically (and also win some awards). "I let the fans decide and I just keep working," he explains. "I hope they keep supporting me and listening. That makes me happy."

Watch his new video below.