The festival highlights work from artists across Latin America and the Caribbean.


Tons of events and art exhibits have had to adjust their plans due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn't mean some of them aren't still happening. This week, the Bronx Documentary Center launched the third edition of the Latin American Foto Festival, focusing on work from artists across Latin America and the Caribbean. Instead of an indoor exhibition, the center will be taking the photos out to the community and displaying them on banners and in projections throughout the neighborhood.

“This is something that we always do at least half-outdoors,” gallery founder Michael Kamber told NBC Latino. “With the gallery shut down, it just seemed like an opportunity to go bigger." The show, which opened Thursday will through August 2 and then become viewable online.

This year’s festival features work from photographers and artists from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, and Argentina. Much of their work centers on social issues as well as cultural figures who have been overlooked by mainstream society. For example, Puerto Rican photographer Adriana Parrilla highlights Afro–Puerto Rican identity and heritage in “Trigueña: Soy Negra," while photographer Eric Allende's work shows the uprisings in Chile.

The festival will also include photographs that show the effect coronavirus has had across Latin America. COVID LATAM, an 18-person collective, has several works in the show about how the pandemic has impacted people in places like Chile and Uruguay. “The international focus was in Europe,” said Sebastian Gil Miranda, a photographer who collaborated with his colleagues on COVID LATAM. “Our project needs to be what we want to be for a better world."

For more on the festival, visit the Bronx Documentary Center's website.