The Puerto Rican artist talks to CHICA about her Youth of the Culture initiative.

Por Alma Sacasa
Julio 23, 2020
Bethany Vargas

Brianna Cash has always had a passion for music, even as a teen growing up in Philadelphia. "I started by doing shows in Philly at little venues," she tells People CHICA. "Just me and my acoustic guitar." She's now signed to an imprint of Interscope and calls Los Angeles home, but she hasn't left her Philly roots behind. "Philadelphia has a lot of soul and that definitely inspired my music and sound," she shares. "Me and my producer are a team and we are both from Philly. Philadelphia's influence on music, in general, is not talked about enough."

Brianna's other project is her Youth of the Culture initiative, created in 2018 to give a voice to Black communities who for years have dealt with limited resources. "I always loved working with kids," says the Puerto Rican artist. "Before I came out here I was running a high school program. I don't have the patience for a lot of s***, but one thing I do have the patience for is kids. I wanted to provide something that's not always available. ... School systems are super-segregated still to this day, and others are offered a lot more opportunities and situations than we were growing up."

She wants to provide free services of better quality and more space for children to learn and grow without being limited because of where they're growing up. "We provide healthy meals and get two teachers to come in a day and teach sessions," she says of YOTC. "We had an entrepreneur come in and she would teach business readiness and financial literacy. We started a fundraiser at Applebee's and funded it with that, and every Saturday we provided those resources."

The 28-year-old hopes that her initiative inspires the creation of more community organizations. "I hope somebody bites my style and does it better than me," she says. "I hope this is something everyone wants to do." Earlier this week, she hosted the first edition of YOTC's Open Youth Forum, a Zoom meeting for young people to share their concerns and hopes for their communities.

Cash also hopes to open a school one day, in addition to contributing great music to the world. "I just want to use my platform as it grows to bring awareness to Black and brown issues, because that's always been a part of me and it's who I am," she explains. "It's never been a trend for me. I have always been doing community work. It's always been a passion of mine."