bra chain
Credit: Lembas

I know when that bralette bling… that could only mean one thing…

Chain bras are trending. It was a festival must-have at this year's Coachella festival and celebrities like Bella Hadid made it look darn good.

With the help of Lembas, We decided to give this trend a test drive so you know more about it before you try the questionable fashion accessory. You're welcome.

Pia Velasco, beauty and fashion assistant tested the Sienna Bralette.

Thatiana Diaz, junior writer tested the Gracia Bralette.

First impression (before it's on):

Pia Velasco: When I first saw the chain bra I was supposed to wear, my first reaction was to cup my boobs, more specifically my nipples, in order to protect them from potential pinching. Hell no, I was not going to go through a whole day with surprise pinches, hell no sister. But thankfully nipple pasties exist and are here to save us all.

Thatiana Diaz: All giggles when I took the chain bralette out of its packaging— I've never done anything daring or sexy when it comes to accessories so this was something new for me. It took me a second or two to figure out how it worked but once I had the strings all figured out, I was extremely excited. My first thought though: what could I wear this with?

Putting it on:

PV: First things first, how to put on the damn thing. I have to play around with the different combinations until finally something feels kinda right. But guys, chains are cold #fyi (sidenote: thank god for the nipple pasties #tmi?)

TD: It was like tangled headphones at first but after I finally got it straightened out, I was able to place it easily on my chest. Tip: big clasps go around your bust and smaller clasps go around your neck. That helped to figure it out quicker.

First impression (after it's on):

PV: I guess these weren't designed for those of us who are part of the itty bitty titty committee, because it looks like Dumbledore's ball-sack is hanging down my chest in a metallic fashion.

TD: The chains fit around my breasts perfectly and I liked the way it picked up my boobs. It was an accessory and pushup bra in one whammy. It's perfect to hold them in place. Not going to lie though… it was cold.

Next, clothes:

PV: I put on my off the shoulder and see-through-ish t-shirt that fades the old-lady-boobs, and I gotta say that I look pretty fly. There's something badass about walking around with a bra that is both cool and a potential weapon. Nobody better cat-call me today, or else…

TD: It was so difficult for me to find something to wear with the bralette because I don't really have anything sheer or with plunging neckline. I probably stood in front of my closet for a good 7 minutes before finding the deepest neckline I could find. After putting on my jumpsuit, I was obsessed with the way it looked so trendy (hate myself for using the word) and cute.


Others' reactions:

PV: After revealing the magic of the boob chain to a designer I was visiting, he starts freaking out over how cute it is. “Oh my god! It's so cool! You should wear it with a low-cut dress or a mesh top at night!Ay mi amor, que fabuloso!” And he's right, it does look super cute.

TD: When my boyfriend came over to meet me for the dinner we were attending, his first reaction was, “this looks like something Rihanna would wear, so S&M,” which made me rethink wearing it because I was going to my grandmother's 66th birthday dinner… not S&M appropriate. But after my mom saw it and freaked out on how “awesome” it looked, I kept it on. “What do boys know about trends,” I said to myself while walking out the door.

Mid-day impression:

PV: So I'm hunched over and there is a chain that is literally weighing me down. I'm dying to take it off and I keep eyeing my bag where I stashed a back-up bra just in case, but I convince myself not to.

TD: I forget that I even have it on. Literally, I felt nothing… still loving it.

Confidence boosters?:

PV: There's an attractive man sitting next to me who eventually turns around and asks what I'm working on. We start talking and hit it off. We swapped numbers and are going out next week. Maybe bra chains are low-key magic charms or maybe they just do amazing things for your self-esteem because trying out new things is exciting!

TD: There was something about that bralette that made me feel sexy. I would make sure that the top of my jumpsuit wasn't rising too high so my chain would be showing. I wanted to go out and buy 5 new plunging necklaces dresses and shirts after that.

Final verdict:

PV: Awesome for a night out or a festival, but not for the day-to-day. If they had them in my bra size then I would definitely buy, but for now I think I'm going to stick to my classic over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders.

TD: Usually I hate things that are trending but I am really feeling this one. It was a sexy yet cute accessory that adds a special element to your look. It's just all about finding the right clothing pieces to make it a stand out type of thing. Of course I wouldn't suggest you wearing it to work or a professional atmosphere but for festivals, parties, and dinners— definitely.