The new survey — conducted by NBC News, the Wall Street Journal, and Telemundo — found that 62 percent of Latino voters support Biden, compared to 29 percent who support Trump.

Por Alma Sacasa
Noviembre 02, 2020

According to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Telemundo poll, former Vice President Joe Biden has a substantial lead over President Donald Trump with Latino voters. The poll showed that 62 percent of Latinos support Biden while 29 percent support Trump, giving the Democratic candidate a 2-1 lead over the president. Latinos make up the second largest voting group in the United States, behind only non-Latino white voters.

Despite their overwhelming support for Biden, Latinos are still lagging behind other groups when it comes to engagement with the election. The poll found that only 67 percent of Latinos said their interest in the election ranks at a 9 or 10 out of 10, compared to 87 percent of white voters and 80 percent of Black voters. This could pose a problem in key battleground states like Florida, Texas, and Arizona.

Joe Biden

The survey also showed a significant gender gap among Latino voters, with 71 percent of Latinas surveyed supporting Biden and only 19 percent supporting Trump. Among Latino men, 51 percent support Biden and 42 percent support the president.

"When we think about who the Democratic base is among Hispanics, really we're talking about Latinas," poll analyst Aileen Cardona-Arroyo told NBC News. Cardona-Arroyo's Democratic firm, Hart Research, conducted the survey with Republican firm Public Opinion Strategies.

The survey also touched on the coronavirus pandemic and whether or not Trump has been a good president. Thirty-two percent of Latinos said they approve of the job Trump is doing as president, while 59 percent said they disapprove and 47 percent disapprove strongly. Forty percent said they approve of Trump's handling of the pandemic, while 57 percent disapprove.

Donald Trump
Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images

As for how Trump has handled the economy, many Latinos approve of what he has done during his presidency, with 49 percent approving of his handling of the economy. However, Latinos surveyed view the coronavirus as a more pressing issue, with 46 percent saying it is more important in their vote choice than the economy, compared to 34 percent who prioritize the economy.