Get to know Mexican actress Elyfer Torres, the star of the Telemundo series Betty en NY. The woman behind the new 'Ugly Betty' talks about her passions.

By Lena Hansen
May 31, 2019 05:55 PM

Elyfer Torres is the star of the Telemundo series Betty en NY, the latest remake of the iconic telenovela Betty la Fea (or “Ugly Betty“). The actress shared an emotional Instagram post on the last day of shooting the series, revealing how this beloved character had touched her heart. “My infinite thanks to you Betty. I’m letting you go. I love you today and forever,” she captioned a video of her crying while talking about how Betty had inspired her. Actresses like America Ferrera, Ana María Orozco and Angelica Vale also took on the iconic role in other TV versions, and agree that Betty changed their lives. “I have no idea what is coming after Betty,” Torres admits. “All I know is that I want to keep acting and working in fiction, playing memorable characters.” Like Betty, Torres is uniquely charming! Here are five things to know about the 22-year-old Mexican actress.

(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/WireImage)

1. She is the first “Ugly Betty” with wild curly hair! Torres says she straightened her hair when she went to the casting for the coveted starring role in Betty en NY, but showed up to a makeup call once with her natural curls and producers fell in love with the look, telling her to play Betty with her fabulous curly hair. Knowing where her exotic looks came from intrigued her, so she researched her ethnic heritage. “I just did a DNA test and I discovered that I have a mix of three ancient Latin-American cultures: Mexican, Guatemalan and Peruvian. I have 100 percent warrior blood!” she tells People CHICA. “I also have 5 percent African ancestry and some descendants from Málaga, Spain. Most Latinos are mixed,” she adds proudly about her family’s background.

2. She likes to sing and dance. She has danced ballet since she was 3 years old and sings one of the songs in the series. “Singing makes me feel free,” she says and doesn’t rule out recording an album in the future. “I love R&B, trap and rap!”

3. She felt insecure once like Betty. She says she had a great childhood and comes from a loving family, but felt depressed and insecure when she began acting and had to deal with rejection. “I went to casting after casting and when I didn’t get the role time after time, I started thinking: ‘There must be something wrong with me. Maybe I’m not pretty enough, not white enough. I have bad hair,’ so I started straightening my hair to go to casting,” she recalls. “Then you realize that the universe just wasn’t aligned yet, and the role that was meant for you was around the corner.”

4. She is a feminist. “I’m very passionate about feminism and gender theory. I like to study that in my free time, read about it, watch documentaries about it. If I wasn’t an actress, I would probably be a scholar of gender studies,” says the actress, who loves to encourage young women. One of her music playlists is titled Feminists and includes songs by fierce female artists like Rosalía.

5. She has an unconventional fashion sense. “I like vibrant colors like hot pink, yellow, neon green,” she admits. “I love sneakers, I collect them. I love to play with makeup, and wear glasses with unique designs. I have some that have flames on them!”