The Vermont senator just wanted to stay warm, OK?

Enero 22, 2021

Bernie Sanders's brown mittens made quite a statement at Joe Biden's presidential inauguration on Wednesday. Although the Vermont senator likely never imagined such a reaction, photos of him from the historic event have generated countless memes and comments on social media.

On Thursday, the former presidential candidate addressed all the madness in an interview with Seth Meyers. "I heard about that!" he said on Late Night. "I was just sitting there trying to keep warm, trying to pay attention to what was going on."

When Meyers showed him some of the memes — like one of him sitting with the Sex and the City cast — Sanders laughed. "Yeah, I've seen them!"

Meyers also asked him about what was inside the manila envelope he was carrying at the inauguration, since it generated much speculation on social media. "I'd love to tell you, Seth, but it's top secret!" Sanders joked.

Credit: (BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

The smittens — part mittens, part sweater — were made by a school teacher who gave them to Sanders on the campaign trail last year. Now the teacher, Jen Ellis, has been flooded with requests from people wanting to buy them, but she says they are no longer for sale. "Thanks for all the interest in Bernie's mittens!" she wrote on Twitter. "I'm so flattered that Bernie wore them to the inauguration. Sadly, I have no more mittens for sale. There are a lot of great crafters on Etsy who make them."

In addition to the Sex and the City cameo, Sanders also popped up in a ton of other pop-culture Photoshops. Here he is at Central Perk with the rest of the Friends:

Getting his hair done by Dolly Parton in a scene from Steel Magnolias:

On a Star Trek spaceship:

Sitting on the Iron Throne:

And becoming the famous fly on Mike Pence's head during his debate with Kamala Harris:

Sanders now wants the country to focus attention on important matters and has high hopes for Biden's administration. "I think the president is off to a very good start," he told Meyers. "What I liked about his inaugural remarks and the general tone of his administration is that he recognizes that this country faces a set of unprecedented crises — from the pandemic to the economy, to the very threats against democracy, to climate change, to income and wealth inequality."

Sanders added that the inauguration was emotional for him. "I was in tears seeing the new president getting sworn in and the old president leaving Washington," he said.