Senator Bernie Sanders calls President Donald Trump a racist, a xenophobe, a sexist, and a religious bigot in an exclusive interview with People CHICA.

Por People Chica Staff
Julio 10, 2019

Senator Bernie Sanders spoke to People CHICA about his road to the White House and being a presidential candidate for 2020. He sat with People en Español executive editor Shirley Velasquez and discussed the essential points of his campaign.

In debating how to change the national priorities to serve the majority of Americans and not an elite few, Sanders fiercely attacked President Donald Trump. “Our leaders are not so trusted anymore,” Sanders said. “I think that many people now understand that most of the people in Congress and certainly this President—who is a racist and a xenophobe and a sexist and a religious bigot—that right now I think most people understand that Washington, D.C., is not there to represent ordinary Americans, but is there to represent wealthy campaign contributors. So you got people out there, billionaires, who put hundreds of millions of dollars into campaigns and Congress is listening to them, not to the needs of working people. I can't do it alone. Millions of people have got to stand up and fight for justice in this country. And justice means quality education for all, regardless of your income, it means that you don't give tax breaks to billionaires and then cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.”

While discussing the U.S. economy, he also criticized Trump for siding with the country's most wealthy. “President Trump says that the economy is booming, in a sense he is right. If you are in Wall Street you will know that last year the major five Wall Street banks made $110 billion in profits,” he said. “In America today, you've got the top one percent who own more wealth than the bottom 92 percent, you've got CEOs of large corporations making 300 times what their workers are making, so what we have is a very unfair and immoral economy.”

Sanders also showed indignation over minority children living in poverty. “We should not have the highest rate of children in poverty in the Latino and black community of virtually any country on earth. We have got to change our national priorities.”

The senator also proposed working to provide better and more affordable childcare, “making public colleges and universities tuition-free and canceling all student debt in America.” “We need an economy that works for everybody,” he emphasized. Sanders also directly addressed being labeled a socialist. “I am a democratic socialist, and by that I mean that the time is long overdue to deal with the wealth inequality in this country. It is morally unacceptable that a handful of people have so much wealth and so much power, that's number one. Number two, whether you are called a democratic socialist, whether you call it social democracy, whether you call it progressive government—I want to do what countries all over the world are already doing.” He went on to mention benefits in European countries like Norway, Denmark, and Sweden that have quality childcare and paid parental leave, as well as free healthcare and higher education.

Sanders claims he is beating Trump in many popularity polls. “The way we will beat him is doing exactly the opposite of what he is doing. His whole political strategy is so disgusting it is unbelievable. [It's] to divide us up—you are a Latino, you're Black, you're White, you're Muslim, you're Jewish, you're Christian. ‘Let me see how many people I can divide up and get people to hate each other.' Our strategy is exactly the opposite: It is to bring people together…We are all Americans and we all have common needs, and we are going to stand together against bigotry, against hatred, against racism.”