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Updated Enero 30, 2017
Bella Thorne
Credit: instagram / @bellathorne

What were you up to when you were 19 years old? Acquiring the typical rebellious piercings, pushing boundaries, exploring your rebellious side? All of the above is accurate if you're Bella Thorne, who posted a topless pic on Instagram and looked totally carefree as she enjoys her often-criticized and commented-upon teen years. Bella tweeted about, ahem, (in her own words:) ” getting a nip piercing” before snapping some shots of herself in a sheer pink top which proved that she had done what she's promised. She pierced up her ear to completion (and it's awesome), she's partying topless — Miss Thorne is doing her own damn thang and we are totally for it.

Live your life, Bella! You're only 19 once.

Look at that warm self-hug! Sure, not all of us went through a topless-party-phase in our youths (and Instagram wasn't even a thing when some of us were 19. Ever heard of MySpace?), but Bella has continued to dance to the beat of her own groovy drum.

The Blended star has gotten quite a bit of coverage from outlets reporting on her antics, like “pulling a Kendall”:

And crouching naked by the window of a high-rise:

For those of us who didn't go a little crazy in our teens, it's fun to live vicariously through Bella and her lighthearted social media feeds. For those of who did — we feel like Bella is a kindred spirit from another, simpler time in our lives. Either way, with a smile that big, you gotta be happy for her. Life in the spotlight can be hard to manage (Bella famously failed her driver's test but then obliged the excited DMV employee with a selfie) so whichever way she wants to go about it cool with us. Plus, it's super fun to guess what color hair she'll debut each week.