La Materialista, along with Belinda and JoJo Maronttinni revived the dembow-twerk hit that gave her national status.

Por Jennifer Mota
Junio 28, 2019
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La Materialista first made a name for herself in the Dominican dembow scene back in 2014, when her track “La Chapa Que Vibran” became the dembow-twerking anthem of the '10s. Like most genres in the music industry, dembow is a largely male-dominated space, but along with La Insuperable and Milka La Mas Dura, La Materialista (born Yameiry Infante Honoret) helped usher in a wave of female artists who owned their sexuality through music.

Earlier this year, La Materialista revived “La Chapa Que Vibran” for a remix featuring Mexican actress-singer Belinda and Brazilian funk artist JoJo Maronttinni. “La Chapa Que Vibran,” which translates to “asses that vibrate,” finds the 34-year-old Dominican native blatantly asking if her man likes, well, asses that vibrate. On the updated version, there's a new verse by Belinda followed by a verse in Portuguese from JoJo and brand new bars from La Materialista. In addition to the new lyrics, the remix also incorporates beats and colors found in Brazilian funk.

La Materialista said in an interview for A Noticias 7 that her manager reached out to JoJo's and Belinda's managers and explained the idea for the track. The video, which premiered earlier this month, was filmed in the Dominican Republic and garnered a million views on its first day alone. The race car–themed clip features a cool girl (played by La Materialista) duking it out with a sexy nerd (played by Belinda), with JoJo acting as the empowered, confident referee. All three women have huge followings not only in their respective countries but in all of Latin America, so expect “La Chapa Que Vibran” to leave an even stronger mark on the genre than it did five years ago.

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