Can you guess what she's going to do next?


Belinda is taking her career in a whole new direction. 

Known for her musical and modeling abilities, the 29-year-old star has decided to venture into something new and is putting all her efforts into making it happen. 

The singer has made her debut in the director's chair for her first music video featuring her fiancé, Christian Nodal. 

"After recording many videos as the protagonist, now it's time for me to direct a complicated one, not just because of the evolution that videoclips have suffered, but because of the music genre," she wrote on Instagram. "It has been a very interesting and fun experience, I've put my heart and passion into it, and I hope to have added my grain of sand to what for me video clips have always been: ART." 

The new director went on to thank her love for trusting her abilities. 

"Thank you so much @nodal for trusting my vision to tell this story, thanks @bandamsoficial, and "La Sinvergüenza" @reginapavon." 


Nodal responded to his future wife's comment by praising her talents. 

"Cielo, you are the best director there is. You have no idea how much I admire your talent; I love you," the Mexican singer wrote. "Thank you for giving so much of yourself in a way only you can."