Mexican pop princess Belinda and regional Mexican singer Christian Nodal talk about their future plans and how love transformed their lives. "We had to be together," Belinda says. "It was something that had to happen."

Por Lena Hansen
Diciembre 11, 2020

Mexican pop princess Belinda and regional Mexican star Christian Nodal cover People en Español's new issue as the Couple of the Year. The singers pose together for the first time and break their silence about their relationship. During the exclusive photo shoot in Mexico City, the lovebirds talked about their future plans together, which include an artistic collaboration.

The two met at an awards show, Premios de La Radio in Dallas. The 31-year-old actress and singer surprised the crowd when she asked Nodal, 21 — who was sitting in the first row of the show's audience — to dance with her on stage as she sang her hit "Amor a Primera Vista."

Credit: Foto por Alex Córdova para People en Español

"She asked me to dance with her and I didn't see it as something out of the ordinary," Nodal says of his first face-to-face encounter with the love of his life. "I thought she was stunning," the singer, born in Sonora, recalls. "A few months go by and I'm single." They then reunited as judges of TV Azteca's reality show La Voz Mexico. "I really liked her, to the point where I would get horribly nervous," he says. "I would even get tics, my mouth and eyes would tremble, I wouldn't dare to talk to her. But the Latin Grammy and Latin Billboard winner wasn't the only one feeling the butterflies — Belinda felt the same.

Credit: Foto por Alex Córdova para People en Español

"There was a lot of love since then, since the beginning of La Voz," adds Belinda, who recently became the ambassador for ADNDisney+. "Obviously we both stayed [focused on] working, each doing our own thing, and after a little over a month we started talking and connecting in a different way. We had to be together, it was something that had to happen."

Credit: Foto por Alex Córdova para People en Español

In the new issue, Nodal reveals the title of his upcoming album and whether he is planning to record a duet with his famous girlfriend. Beli also talks about how Nodal will be part of her current professional projects. "I've always been very closed off with my heart," Belinda says. "I always keep it in a box with a lock. For the first time in my life, I'm giving it to someone." Nodal has been the only one to find a key.

For more exclusive photos and the complete interview, look for the new issue of People en Español, on stands now.