Former Bachelor contestant Bekah Martínez is not falling into the 'mommy guilt' trap and is unapologetically making up her own rules as she raises baby Ruthie Mae.

Bekah Martínez is deconstructing motherhood myths and making up her own rules as she raises baby Ruthie Mae. The former Bachelor contestant recently posted a photo of herself nursing her daughter as she holds a glass of white wine. The new mom, 24 wrote in her caption: “I was waiting patiently for her to finish nursing before beginning my (single!) glass of wine.” Her post generated an avalanche of comments from followers. “You know it might be just one glass, but where is her morals and self respect?…What kind of person post pics of them consuming wine and breastfeeding”, one criticized. “She is being selfish and not putting her babies needs first. She has a problem to be drinking after breastfeeding”, another commented.

Others were more accepting and even complimented Martínez. “Thank you for normalizing breastfeeding!”, one follower wrote. “If you can safely hold baby or drive a car then you can drink. Cheers mama!”, another expressed.

Earlier in March, Martínez just told mommy shamers to “F— Off,” embracing her body hair and post-baby curves. She told haters to unfollow if they didn't like her new figure. “Every mom bod is different,” she captioned a photo of herself showing off her stomach and hairy armpits and legs. “Some are thin and some are round, some are wrinkly and some are hairy, some are light and some are brown.” Here comes the punchline! Martínez added: “No one's body is ‘?'” (nauseated face emoji). “If you think otherwise, kindly f— off or unfollow.”


Using her Instagram as a forum to defend her views on motherhood, she also told mothers not to let society pressure them into losing ‘the baby weight' right away.


In another post in February, Martínez shared a photo breastfeeding her newborn with the message: “Lucky is getting the opportunity to carry a child within you. Lucky is having a healthy baby. Lucky is watching your body change after bringing new life into the world, not squeezing into your old high-waisted jeans a week after giving birth. My face is swollen, I'm wearing a diaper, and my belly hangs over my sweats, I am truly lucky.”