The Mexican American star told fans that current events are taking a toll on her.

Becky G shared a heartfelt video on Instagram, opening up about her feelings on the difficult challenges the world is facing in 2020, between the coronavirus pandemic and continuing global protests against racial injustice and police brutality. The Mexican American singer and actress, 23, assured her fans they are not alone and she prays for them daily.

Becky G
Credit: (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)

"I just wanted to make a video to check in on you guys," she says in the clip. "I just wanted to check in on you guys and see how you guys are doing, how you are holding up. And to just tell you guys that I love you and that I'm praying every single day for every single one of you and your families, so that you guys stay healthy, you guys stay safe, and that you guys take good care of yourselves and dig deep and find something greater within you to move forward, step by step."

The "Sin Pijama" singer admits she is struggling as well. "I just want to remind you that you are not alone. You're not alone at all. And because I did ask you guys how you are doing ... Usually when someone asks how you're doing, sometimes it's because the person asking don't even know how they are doing. In regards to how I'm doing, I'm having a hard time, that's just my truth. I'm OK, I'm not great, but it's OK, it's all good. The most important thing to really hold on to right now is knowing that you are not alone."

Becky G — who joined the #BlackoutTuesday campaign on social media and has been vocal about her support for protests against racial injustice —signed off by sending all who were watching "a lot of positivity, a lot of love and light."