Becky G talks to People CHICA about family life, boyfriend Sebastian Lletget and her first album in Spanish.

Becky G is loving life! “There is a lot going on in the world of Becky G,” the singer tells People CHICA. Besides her world tour that recently took her to Spain, she recently released the single “Dollar” with Myke Towers. “It's such a fun song. It has such a catchy melody, but it has a deeper meaning. Growing up in the industry, I've encountered a lot of moments when you meet people that tell you, ‘I love you so much,' so the song says if I had a dollar for every time you told me you loved me, I'd be rich,” she explains.

“Dollar” will be part of a Spanish album she will soon be releasing. “I'm proud that it's going to be in Spanish because it's a world that has really embraced me,” says the Mexican American star. “It's a world that I was scared to enter because of being born here in the States and being told many times that I wasn't going to be accepted. To see how far we've come is really exciting.”

This new album will take her back to her origins. “The real me is that young Becky from the block, that girl that grew up in Inglewood who got signed making covers on YouTube, and I feel that at some point I lost a bit of that. Spanish music is what saved me and my career and brought me to the real artist that I always wanted to become,” she reflects. “It helped me find my voice as a woman in the industry and helped people take me seriously. Singing in Spanish means a lot to me and takes me back to my childhood. I was that little girl at every family party that if there was mariachi, Becky was singing. Although I didn't speak Spanish perfectly, it was second nature. There was a soul connection to Spanish music.”


Besides being inspired by the late singers Selena Quintanilla and Jenni Rivera, Becky says she looks up to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. “They are all very strong figures — artists who accomplished so many things and still remained such great people,” she says.


The new album will be a mix of romantic ballads and urban vibes. “I'm so young, but I've lived what feels like many lives,” she says about the inspiration behind her powerful lyrics. “Finding my sexy, my grown woman-ness in my Spanish music will be very present, but [there's] also a vulnerable side, about love, about being let down and heartbroken,” she says. “Although people see me very much in love, you can experience heartbreak in many different forms, and Lord knows my heart has gone through a lot already.”

Becky G's heart beats for Argentinian soccer star Sebastian Lletget. “Besides being an artist, I'm a girlfriend, a daughter, I'm a tía. It's hard to find a balance, but from a relationship perspective, I'm very fortunate that Sebastian and I got to build what feels like a very solid foundation before both of our careers hit the busiest schedules we've ever encountered,” she says. “We live together, but it's basically a long-distance relationship. I think I have seen him a total of three weeks since the beginning of the year, a couple of days here and there.”

She is grateful to have found her soulmate and looks forward to one day starting her own family. “Everything is up to the man upstairs. The best thing for me is to have faith and trust in what he plans for me in the future,” she says. “Ever since I was little I always talked about having a big family, I always talked about having lots of kids and the wedding with all the family. I hope that is in my future. It would make me very happy.”