Becky G's new music video "Secrets" is fire. The suspense-filled clip will get you in a spooky mood for fall.


Becky G's new music video “Secrets” is spellbinding! The clip was released on Friday the 13th, a few weeks before Halloween, and it's both sexy and spooky. It starts off with the Mexican American singer, 22, in a dark room holding a candle and looking frightened inside a haunted house. The clip feels like a scary movie, with a mysterious little girl appearing in a hallway and zombie-like creatures chasing her.

“Why are you trying to keep these secrets from me?” she sings as a hulking man chases her. In another scene, the singer and actress wears dark makeup and a sultry red dress while bugs crawl all over her. “Skeletons come out of your closet at night,” says another line of the song. At the end of the video, we see Becky G herself turn into a spirit, watching over her own dead body.

How have her fans reacted to Becky G's new video? Most seem to dig it! “I'm a little scared, but I'm fine!” one joked. “I shouldn't have watched this before before going to bed,” another follower wrote. “Loved it! Just freaked out from the bugs,” one confessed. “I love your creativity, we have already seen it in your previous videos, but this one surpassed everything, you are beautiful you are the best,” another praised. “Gave me a heart attack but brought me back to life!” a fan confessed. Just don't watch it with the lights turned off!