The singer also shared her heartbreak over the murder of Vanessa Guillen.

Por Lena Hansen
Julio 10, 2020

Becky G's new music video "My Man" opens with a snippet of Jenni Rivera's classic love song "La Gran Señora," and features her boyfriend, Argentinean soccer star Sebastian Lletget. The Mexican American star, 23, pays tribute to the late Diva de la Banda with this shoutout to her music.

Becky G
Credit: Emilio Sanchez

"I've been in quarantine with Sebastian and we had no other way to record the video," she tells People CHICA. So she got creative and recorded it at home, taking inspiration from TikTok challenges and other social media videos. "I'm so happy with how it came out," she says. "It's a cute memory we have together. Working together on this didn't feel like work because of the style of music video that it was — it was just us and us at home."

The singer has been honest with her fans, sharing that she's had a hard time emotionally during quarantine. "I've never shied away from being an open book when it comes to my platform," she says. "I know if it's hard for me it's for sure been hard on a lot of people. Mental health is something I don't shy away from speaking about. I've suffered from anxiety for many years now and I feel that these times are very triggering for individuals like myself. Sometimes when nothing is going on and it's just you at home, your thoughts can be your own worst enemy."

Becky G

Becky G also opened up about her support for Black Lives Matter. "Racism is nothing new. It's been happening, the only thing that's changed is that there is a camera capturing these injustices that are taking place," she says. "What we are trying to encourage is this alliance between the Black and brown communities because we need that. We ourselves as a Latin community, we have experienced discrimination. I've been called 'you people,' my family has been called 'you people.' We have been told, 'Go back to where you came from.' Little do they know I was born here."

The artist has also been deeply affected by the murder of Mexican American soldier Vanessa Guillen at the Fort Hood military base in Texas. "It's so important in these times of injustice that we not only express our outrage and our anger and our disappointment in a system that has constantly failed so many women, people of color, the LGBT+ community ... but that we really channel this energy to make change."

Becky G says she feels identified with Guillen. "The case of Vanessa Guillen is so personal to me because I see her and I see me, I see my little sister, I see someone who was someone's daughter, who is someone's sister, who is someone's friend, and the worst part about it is she is not the only one. The bigger conversation that we need to be having is, 'What do we do to demand change?'" She says she contacted the Guillen family's lawyers "to make sure that we are in alliance with their message and their demands." "It's an emotional time," she reflects, "but at the same time we have to be proactive."