On Face to Face With Becky G the artists get candid on the offensive assumption that if you're a Latino you're Mexican.

Becky G is not afraid of asking tough questions or getting real in her new show Face to Face With Becky G on Facebook Watch.

In the latest episode, she invites actress Isabela Merced to join her for a chat in her kitchen as they celebrate their diverse Latino cultures, tackle some of today's most pressing issues and share stories about their family's roots.

One topic both artists got candid about was the wrongful and common misconception that all Latinos are all Mexican.

Becky G
Credit: Beck Media/ Facebook Watch

"Have you ever gotten the question 'Do you speak Mexican?'" Merced asked the Mexican American singer-actress after she shared that living in Los Angeles she is always asked if she is from Mexico.

"I think you should know that it's something that I am offended by," the Power Rangers actress revealed.

She continued, "It's crazy, it's something that I feel for and I'm very passionate about speaking on, educating on and although we might share some similarities, there's also a lot of differences that we should embrace each other for."

Merced—who plays the iconic Dora in Dora and Friends: Into the City! and Dora and the Lost City of Gold—was born in Cleveland, Ohio, to a Peruvian mother. She also spent part of her childhood in Lima, Peru, where she learned to embrace her Latin roots.

Becky G's new show, Face to Face
Credit: Beck Media / Facebook Watch

"With me, it's happened in my career, its happened so often for me on auditions, while we're filming a movie, how everyone just assumes you're Mexican," Merced said.

She continued, "I've gotten so much of it that at one point I'm just not bothered anymore. I'm just kinda like 'yeah, go ahead and make your assumptions, but let me take a minute to explain to you what is right'."

The new episode will premiere on December 21 at 12 pm EST via Facebook Watch.