The In the Heights star got candid on how music served as a form of therapy for him in the latest episode of Face to Face with Becky G.

Being in the spotlight can prove challenging for artists due to the stark differences between the life they are living and the life they are leaving behind.

For Mexican American artist Becky G and actor Anthony Ramos music served as a form of therapy long before their careers took off.

In the latest episode of Face to Face with Becky G, the artists explored their cultural backgrounds and the significant influence music had in helping them during difficult transitions in their lives.

"Growing up of Puerto Rican descent in Brooklyn, New York—in the hood—it was very 'Nah, we don't need therapy. We [are] good. We got each other," the In the Heights star revealed.

"Like, nah, we locked's just us. And I was like, 'Yo, nah, it's okay to be vulnerable. It's a'ight to—it's a'ight to not be hard.'"

The singer, who has performed in Hamilton, faced the realities of growing up in the projects of Brooklyn, where he constantly experienced what it was like to be in "fight or flight" mode.

These experiences led The Good & the Bad artist to start therapy as well as put his thoughts to paper and write songs—something he credits helped him discover the healing power of music.

Becky G's new show, Face to Face
Credit: Beck Media / Facebook Watch

"There's nothing that I love to do more than write songs," Ramos admitted. "I think writing songs and the art of writing songs and the journey that it takes to get from having nothing on the page or in your phone to then arriving at something at the end of the session, for me, is the most exhilarating thing."

For Becky G, music served as a form of "rehab" for her since she was a child.

"I would say music, for me, was a form of therapy before I even knew what therapy was," she said. "Rehab stands for 'rehabilitation,' and there [are] different forms of that. You can do that within your own home, you know. But we didn't—we weren't taught these things. And for me, music was that thing as a kid."

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