YouTuber Symphani Soto has made a name for herself as a beauty blogger. Now, the 25 year-old tells CHICA she is working to expand her brand all the while returning to her first love: music.


YouTuber Symphani Soto became a blogger at the age of 22 and continued to write about beauty for three years —never forgetting her first love. “I actually started singing before I started blogging,” says Soto.

With the release of her new EP, I am, which is inspired by her love life and other personal experiences, she is returning to her roots and looking for new horizons. “If I can learn how to sing in Spanish and… incorporate that into my music, I [would] love to because they have great music too,” says Soto, whose father is from Puerto Rico and mother is African American and Native American. “I would love to do that one day.”

Khavir Hussain

Soto's music is bringing her closer to her fans and giving her another outlet to discuss both mental health issues and disconnecting from social media. Whenever she feels overwhelmed, Soto talks to her mother and says people should reach to someone, anyone, if they have mental health issues.

“I feel like in our generation… we feel like it's a shame, you have to be ashamed of being depressed or having anxiety or whatever the case is. And that's [not right],” says Soto. “Everybody goes through things and it's okay to get help or say: ‘I'm not alright, something's a little wrong.'”

Khavir Hussain

Soto may be starting up with her music again but it doesn't mean she's leaving her beauty brand behind. In fact, she would like to expand it by collaborating with cosmetic brands like ColourPop or Dose of Colors.

“I want to do a collab with a brand that's affordable for everyone,” she explains. “For those girls that can't really afford it… I want them to feel like they can be a part of it as well.”

Beauty and music may be two very different fields for Soto, but her love and passion for both is the same.

“I get inspired the same way and incorporate it into whatever creative path I'm [following] that day, whether it be beauty or music,” says Soto.