Take note! Primer Impacto's co-host Michelle Galván shares her beauty and fitness tips.

Por Lena Hansen
Mayo 29, 2019

Michelle Galván made her debut this year on People en Español's coveted 50 Most Beautiful list. Primer Impacto's co-host said “it's a blessing” to be on the list for the first time and shared beauty and fitness tips with the magazine. Her beauty icon is Mexican actress Dolores del Río. “She left a legacy of beauty for all of Mexico, just like María Felix. Dolores del Río was an elegant, sophisticated and confident woman. That's why she's a role model for me. She felt good about herself and always treated others with respect. She was an icon of interior and exterior beauty,” says the TV host.

Besides cultivating her spirituality and inner peace via meditation and prayer, discipline is key to looking like the gorgeous Mexican journalist. “Our bodies are a reflection of what we eat,” says Galván. “My trainer says it's 70 percent what we eat and 30 percent exercise, and I think he's right. The body is a temple, and we have to take care of it by eating right.” For her, that means eating lean meats and lots of vegetables — although she gives in to temptation once in a while. “When I go to Mexico, I can't say no to a great pozole and tacos,” she admits.

The world traveler says she can't leave home without certain beauty products in her bag: “I like to have my lips well-hydrated so I always have lipstick or lip balm. If you're not going to wash your hair, dry shampoo is essential. I always carry it with me.”

Galván has learned a lot about beauty from the women in her life. “My grandma taught me to make the most spectacular face mask with brown sugar and honey,” she says. “When I feel I have makeup clogging my pores, I put on moisturizer and exfoliate my face with this mask. It leaves my skin looking divine.”

From her mother, Galván also learned never to leave home looking desarreglada (translation: like a hot mess!) “My mom wouldn't even go to the corner without putting on heels and makeup,” she recalls. Other beauty icons that inspired her were the original “Chicas de Impacto,” the first Primer Impacto co-hosts Myrka Dellanos and María Celeste Arrarás. As a child, Galván would watch the show from her hometown of Monterrey and promised her mom when she was 9 years old: “I will be there one day.” Today, the 30-year-old TV host sits on one of those coveted chairs on Primer Impacto‘s set. “I could sense it, I visualized myself there since I was a little girl,” she says. “Now I'm there, thanks to God. I feel very fulfilled.”