Obama takes to social media to share his top picks for movies, music and books in 2022.

After leaving the presidency, Barack Obama has been left with ample time on his hands.

With all this free time, he's been able to take up hobbies like reading, jamming out to music and even watching movies.

Since then, he's been gifting the internet with a list of his favorite films, music and books he's been able to read every year—and 2022 didn't disappoint.

In the music sphere, he gave a shoutout to notables like Bad Bunny for "Tití me pregunto" and Omar Apollo's "Tamagotchi."

He also loved Spanish singer Rosalía's "Saoko."

Looking at the list of his movies, one can tell that Obama loves sitting back and watching films that range across multiple genres and cultures.

He gave a shoutout to Aubrey Plaza's Emily the Criminal, Danny Ramirez's Top Gun: Maverick and Javier Bardem's The Good Boss.

While Michelle Obama's book The Light We Carry understandably took the top spot, Obama mentioned Hernan Diaz's book Trust that's about the search for truth inside a web of "money, power, intimacy and perception."