Stars like Eva Longoria and Zoe Saldana have joined the fight to save the show.


ABC canceled The Baker and the Beauty earlier this week, and now fans are not happy. Celebrities like Zoe Saldana and Eva Longoria have supported the show on social media, asking for a renewal, and fans are also fighting to bring it back by using the hashtag #SaveTheBakerAndTheBeauty and signing a petition posted by actress Lisa Vidal, who is part of the main cast. The romantic comedy series tells the story of the Garcías, a Cuban family who owns a bakery and whose world is turned upside down when their son (Victor Rasuk) falls in love with a famous model and actress (Nathalie Kelley).

Lisa Vidal and Carlos Gomez
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Kelley shared a heartfelt post on Instagram. "If there’s one thing being on @bakerandthebeauty has taught me is that there is nothing like the love and resilience of a Latino family," she wrote. "Even in the face of adversity we don’t give up and we fight for our dreams and that’s exactly what we have done for this last year of our lives while working on and promoting the show. From the beginning we were the underdog. Nobody expected we would get picked up, everyone was surprised when we got great reviews."

Nathalie Kelley
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"I now know how most Latinos in this country feel — made to do all the hard work and still overlooked!" Kelley continued. "And this is despite universally positive reviews and a fan base that is more engaged than anything any of us has worked on. I won’t say anything negative here about the network that was gracious enough to put us on the air. I want to find another home with a platform that understands the need for a show like this right now. Especially at a moment in time when we are becoming aware of how important representation is of our black and brown communities. Especially when love and laughter is the medicine you all agree is what we need right now!"

Vidal shared in her post that the cast and crew hope to be picked up by another network or streaming platform, as was the case with One Day at a Time, which was picked up by Pop TV after leaving Netflix. "It isn't over yet," wrote Vidal on Instagram. "There are over 500 television shows on air, and ZERO Latino shows on network TV right now, and only a handful on streaming. The Baker and the Beauty is a well written diverse show ... It would be tragic if this show just disappears at a time when the diversity issue in our country is front and center."

Zoe Saldana posted a photo of the cast on Instagram, asking ABC to reconsider the cancellation. "ABC Network set the trend, be the first to stick around!" she wrote. "Represent por favor! We were all watching the show! And when I say WE, I mean we Americans of Latinx blood. We the tax payers, the loyal customers, the voters, the soldiers, the healthcare workers, the labor workers, the entrepreneurs, the students, the teachers, the drivers, the gardeners, the nannies, ALL OF US! We were all WATCHING!"

Eva Longoria also fought for the show on social media. "This is bad news for the Latino community!" she wrote. "Why doesn’t ABC network give it more of a chance for our gente to find the show?! And 'gente' where are you guys? Show up and get loud. Representation matters on television! This was a sweet show about a good family! And one of the only Latino shows out there! We need this show to find another home! Show your support with the hashtags below and let’s flex our community power!"

Nathalie Kelley
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In a recent interview with People CHICA, Kelley said: "We are telling a beautiful story about a Latin family and we don’t often see that kind of representation. This is breaking new ground."