Trap star Bad Bunny pauses his European tour to join protests in his native Puerto Rico and shares emotional videos on Instagram discussing political turmoil on the island

Bad Bunny announced that he is pausing his European tour to join protests in his native Puerto Rico. The trap star shared two emotional videos on Instagram where he denounced corrupt politics affecting his island.

“The whole world needs to know about this but the message goes specially directed to my people of Puerto Rico,” the singer wrote. “I was going to plan and write and rehearse, but I like to act from my heart, spontaneously. The first thing I want to do is offer my respect to all the people who have always had the courage, the bravery, the initiative to go out into the streets and fight for the country's causes. My respects to all those people who have been oppressed, pointed at, marginalized, discriminated, that are viewed as delinquents, but have always shown their faces.”

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The singer revealed he was in Ibiza, where he was enjoying a beautiful sunny day, but had to make these Instagram videos, which have garnered millions of views. “I was on a boat, getting a tan, drinking, having a great time in the midst of my tour throughout Europe. I will make a stop and take a plane from here to PR, just to go out to the streets with my people, with the people of Puerto Rico,” he said.

Watching videos of people protesting in the streets of San Juan filled him with pride and made him want to be there and be a part of the movement. “You have to go to the streets, we can't stop,” he added, prompting his fans to join the protests in the island. “If there is something I hate is to fly, to be on a plane,” he confessed, adding that he will postpone four concerts in Europe to go back home and join Puerto Ricans in their fight for justice. “There is no excuse. For decades the system has taught us to stay quiet, they have manipulated opinions and the press for us to stay quiet. They have made us believe that those who go out to complain are crazy, criminal, unruly, they have wanted to damage the reputations of those who are against them. You have seen it with your own eyes. I want you to know that's not the case.”

The Puerto Rican singer, 25 — who has been criticized for using profanity in his lyrics — admits that vulgar language should not be the main concern for the people of Puerto Rico. “The problem here is not that the governor is using profanity. This goes beyond him expressing himself in a vulgar manner, it goes way beyond that,” he said about Ricardo Rosselló, who is being asked by many to resign following the leak of messages between Rosselló and other members of his administration that show sexist and homophobic comments as well as profanity.

In a second video, Bad Bunny continued to vent and asked his fans to make their voices heard to bring on positive changes on the island. “It's about respect, it's about Puerto Rico demanding respect,” he emphasized. “I'm a citizen, I pay taxes, I live in Puerto Rico, so what happens in Puerto Rico matters to me. My family lives in Puerto Rico, my friends and people I grew up with live in Puerto Rico, and I will live in Puerto Rico until the day I die.”

He also challenged haters who question his morality. “I haven't made my money stealing from people or lying to people or with corruption, I have made money doing what I enjoy doing,” he said, asking other Puerto Rican urban artists and influencers to join the fight in the streets and on social media. “The new generations will demand respect. The governor, the jerks that are his accomplices, his friends, the legislators…and those who come after them have to know that those times are over, that new generations won't let themselves be fooled.”