The Puerto Rican star shared how he's been spending his time in quarantine.

Por Alma Sacasa
mayo 14, 2020

Just days after releasing his new album, Bad Bunny is making headlines again — this time on the cover of Rolling Stone, with photos taken by his girlfriend, jewelry designer Gabriela Berlingeri. The pair have been spending their quarantine taking selfies on the roof of an Airbnb in Puerto Rico, where they're staying until Bad Bunny can start construction on the villa of his dreams.

In the interview, the singer talks about what he's been doing in lockdown and shares some of his hopes for the future of reggaeton. “A wholesome reggaetóncito took off worldwide and became very popular,” he told the magazine, referencing songs like "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi. “That’s fine, I am not criticizing that style of song. But street reggaetón, O.G. reggaetón, perreo … it deserves a space in the pop world.”

He also addressed the video for "Yo Perreo Sola," which features him dressed in drag. “I did it to show support to those who need it,” he said. “I may not be gay, but I’m a human who cares.” Fellow performer Ricky Martin commented on the video for the magazine, too, saying, "The truth is, he has become an icon for the Latin queer community. He resonates with a generation that is, at the moment, discovering who they really are. It is very refreshing to witness in an industry known for its machismo.”

Elsewhere in the article, he shared that he has a group chat with his assistant/merch designer Janthony and fellow rapper Residente, in which he and Residente compare what they think might be coronavirus symptoms. “He’s a hypochondriac, just like me,” said Bad Bunny.

The singer also said that he has been watching the franchise Toy Story and that he hopes to feature in an animated movie, like his friend and collaborator J Balvin (who voices a character in Trolls World Tour). “One of my goals is to be the voice of an animated character in Spanish,” he said.

For now, though, he's enjoying taking it easy after a year spent touring, recording, and appearing at the Super Bowl, saying, "Maybe I needed the rest!"