El Conejo Malo has invited his fellow male reggaeton singers to open their minds toward female urban artists.

Bad Bunny has come out against machismo once more, this time in the music industry.

In a Twitter post, El Conejo Malo invited his fellow male reggaeton musicians to support female urban artists and expand their "ear".

"We have to expand our ear and try to understand the perspective of women in urban music," the vocalist said. "Don't expect for them to sing the same sh**t as men, because they aren't, THEY'RE WOMEN."

He added, "We are so used to 'machismo' in the genre that it's difficult for us to accept that women are KILLING IT!"

The Un verano sin ti artist has been breaking boundaries through his songs such as "Yo perreo sola," and "Andrea," as well as wearing skirts and painting his nails for several years, speaking in favor of women worldwide, even in terms of gender-based violence.

Two years ago, during the Billboard Music Awards, the artist called for being educated and respectful, making reference to the lyrics of "Yo perreo sola."

Bad Bunny
Credit: Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

"Let's learn that we can perrear, be educated and respectful at the same time. If she doesn't want to dance with you, respect her. She can dance by herself," he affirmed during his acceptance speech as best latin artist.

"Let's end machista violence, violence against women. Let's educate now, in the present, so that we can have so that we can have a better future," he added.