Bad Bunny surprised students in Miami and talked to People CHICA about why he decided to partner with McDonald's on a scholarship program.

Bad Bunny made a surprise appearance Thursday morning at Hialeah Senior High School in Miami to talk to happily shocked and starstruck students about the importance of education. The Puerto Rican trap star is teaming up with McDonald's to promote their HACER Scholarship and motivate students to pursue a college degree. In an exclusive interview with People CHICA, the 25-year-old singer opened up about fame, success and making a positive difference. “Around 30 students have the opportunity to be part of this program and qualify for the scholarship, enriching their lives with this great benefit,” he says. “They can receive up to $100,000 for their studies and academic expenses.”


About this alliance with McDonald's, which marks his first brand partnership, he adds: “It's something that life put in my path. It really caught my attention and I felt it was a good opportunity to be part of something great and big.” The singer, nominated for the Latin Grammys this year, says he is grateful to be an idol for many Latinx youth and to be able to motivate students to succeed. “It feels incredible. It's happiness, pride, it's knowing that I'm contributing. Doing something positive and good for others always feels good, it's one of the best sensations,” he reflects.


What was Bad Bunny like as a teen? “I was a good guy, I was a good student,” he says with a laugh. “Sometimes I behaved a little badly, but I was always a good student. Education is so important. You always have to look for a way to keep studying and learning.”

He also advises his young fans to find their passion. “Always do things from your heart,” he emphasizes. “Try to do good — that's the best feeling a human being can experience, being able to help others. It doesn't matter what you want to be in life, whether you want to be an astronaut or a reggaeton singer, you have to study and educate yourself.” He was inspired at home by his parents, he recalls. “My family has always been an inspiration for me. My mom and dad were always two role models I had at home and they never let me down. They are everything to me.”

What keeps him going in hard times? “My family and the love I have for what I do, for the blessings I've received,” he says. “I've been blessed to do what I love and make a living out of it. My love and passion for this is so strong that every time I get a [negative or distracting] thought, my desire and dream to continue growing and to be great and be remembered always on this Earth is what keeps me focused.”

Bad Bunny

The charismatic artist, who has over 19 million Instagram followers, seems to be taking a little break from social media. His last post, from September 17, reflects on not living life through Instagram but out in the real world.

“Social media is not everything there is,” his post reads. “If you don't see me a lot around here it's because I'm living, laughing, and playing. I invite you to finish reading this post and to let go of your phone for the rest of the day and do something you like that you haven't done in a long time.” Surely the excited students from Hialeah Senior High did not comply with this brilliant advice, and ran to post their selfies with Bad Bunny — if they were lucky enough to get up close!