The song comes shortly after J Balvin and Tainy's collaboration "Agua," from the upcoming SpongeBob movie.

Por Alma Sacasa
Julio 24, 2020

Latinx superstars Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Tainy have joined forces with Dua Lipa for a new song called "Un Día (One Day)." Just a few weeks ago, Balvin and Tainy released their song "Agua" from the upcoming SpongeBob movie.

"We just dropped this ‘Agua' song with SpongeBob and Tainy and that is just, like, crazy up-tempo but it connects," Balvin said in a new interview with Apple Music. "But this one, it connects in another way, more smoother. And I'm grateful and happy to have Dua Lipa on it. It was a dream to me to work with her."

According to Balvin, the group had the song done a year and a half ago, but only got their schedules together to release it now. "I know everything happens at the right time and everything has its moment," Tainy said. "I know we had to have patience for it, but man, it really paid off, bro. ... Everything happens for a reason. I think this is the right time."

The Latinx superstars are no strangers to creating hits together. "When it comes to reggaeton ... we can talk about the pioneers," said Balvin. "Tainy definitely has to be on it because he started when he was like 14. He makes part of the culture and the history relevant even though he's still adding something new and adding to the new generations. To me, he's one of the most relevant and fire producers in reggaeton.”

Listen to "Un Día (One Day)" below.