The Puerto Rican urban star shared the current status of his relationship with the jewelry designer.

It looks like Bad Bunny and Gabriela Berlingeri are spending un verano without each other.

During his recent Instagram live concert, El Conejo Malo revealed the 28-year-old jewelry designer and he are only "best friends" at the moment, after being asked by fans to discuss the dynamics of their love.

"Gabriela Berlingeri and I are super close friends, best friends, besties, no one knows we are best friends," he clarified for those watching. "People are always asking if Gabriela is my girlfriend, your wife, your mother, no one knows what we are."

Bad Bunny y Gabriela
Credit: Photo by: Alexander Tamargo/Telemundo/Photo Bank

As a couple, they had been happily dating since 2017 and have worked on several projects together like the song "En casita," which was shot during the pandemic, as well as Bad Bunny's Rolling Stone cover where Berlingeri served as the photographer.

"Right now we are best friends. If she wants to have a boyfriend she can, because we're best friends, just as if I want to have a girlfriend I can, because we're best friends," he added.

Despite their current relationship status, the "Ojitos Lindos" vocalist has admitted that Berlingeri served as a big inspiration for his current album, appearing in promos and singing in "El apagón."

"I wanted to include her. This new album revolves a lot around my life, around her as well," he said during an interview on Alofoke sin censura. "She has always been a big part of my projects, my ideas—behind everything. I always ask for her ideas, her opinion and she's an important part."