Bad Bunny stole the show at the Latin Grammys with his unique fashion, incredible performances and heartfelt speech.

Bad Bunny shined bright at the 2019 Latin Grammys. The Puerto Rican trap star stole the show with his performances and his heartfelt acceptance speech for Best Urban Album for X 100pre. He sang the new track “Cántalo” with Ricky Martin and Residente, and later surprised everyone by performing some of his hit songs like “Estamos Bien” with a live band in Mexican corrido style.

After actor William Levy called out his name as the winner, the singer, 25, climbed on stage wearing a fisherman' hat bearing the word ‘LOVE,' a colorful printed shirt, and checkered shorts. He was also wearing dark shades and sipping tea out of a white cup. “I've never been more nervous in my life,” he admitted. “The guys were telling me, ‘Cabrón, what are you going to say if you win it? Prepare something.' And I said, ‘Forget about it!' I'm grateful to God before anything, my family, who is always there for me. They are the ones responsible for the young man I am today.”


“Despite how high people will take me, because the people are the ones who lift me up, I remain with my feet on the ground. Thanks to the people who work with me day to day,” he added, mentioning Tainy, the album's producer, among others.


Bad Bunny also addressed the controversy of reggaeton artists feeling excluded from the Latin Grammy nominations. “Hey, to all the musicians, there are so many things to say. I know they are probably going to cut me off, screw them,” he continued, amid laughter from the audience. “To all the people who belong to the Academy, with all my respect, reggaeton is part of Latin culture and it's representing — just like lots of other music genres — Latinos all around the world.”


He also had a message for Latinx urban music stars. “I also tell my reggaeton colleagues, let's make an effort, let's bring back creativity and sincerity. The genre has become about views, numbers. Let's turn things around and do genuine things and different for people.” The singer signed off: “Love you all, el conejo malo.”