Puerto Rican trap singer Bad Bunny shared a compelling message about self-love and acceptance.


Bad Bunny knows the beauty of being unique, and the Puerto Rican trap singer is making sure that his followers also know that it’s OK to be different. El Conejo Malo, 25, who just released his new album Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana (aka YHLQMDLG), shared a post on Instagram against bullying and promoting self-love. “Sometimes people don’t understand you, they don’t see what you see,” he wrote. “Being different is not bad, that’s what makes us all the same, that’s what makes us human. When you think differently from other people, many people call you crazy or start inventing stories about you. And we have no alternative but to embrace that which we desire, that which we dream of and to be ourselves without fear.”


To promote his new album, the singer shared a video with a strong anti-bullying message. It shows a young boy riding his bike in his neighborhood. He is wearing a white hoodie with ears and finds a cassette tape on the ground and puts it in his back pocket. The boy is then approached by bullies, demanding to take his bike. They scream at him and take off his white hoodie to reveal a third eye painted on his forehead. The video then turns supernatural, with the boy’s anger making thunder strike and cars levitate.

“We are more powerful than we think,” Bad Bunny’s message continues. “They have tried to make us weak, but we’re not. Do what you feel. Do what you love. Do what you’ve always wanted to do and haven’t dared to do. Do whatever you want.”

The video is a direct reference to his new album cover, which shows the same child riding his bike with a third eye painted on his forehead and objects levitating in the background, showing the hidden inner strength of the “odd ones.”