Singers Ricky Martin, Bad Bunny and René Pérez joined protesters in the streets of San Juan, demanding the resignation of Governor Ricardo Roselló and political change in the island.

Por Lena Hansen
Julio 22, 2019

Ricky Martin, Bad Bunny, René Pérez and other celebrities have joined the massive protests in the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico, demanding the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rosselló following the leak of messages between Rosselló and other members of his administration that show sexist and homophobic comments as well as threats against fellow officials. Bad Bunny shared an Instagram post expressing the emotions he experienced in the streets of his island. “Yesterday marked me forever. I had never felt so much pride in my entire life! However, the fight continues, Puerto Rico,” the trap star said in his post. “We won't let our guard down. They are the ones that have to go. We won't! We will change history!” He also shared the hashtag #RickyRenuncia, pressuring Rosselló to resign.

The “Callaíta” singer also shared a video telling his fans that after flying to the island to join protesters he was back in Spain to honor the commitments of his European tour. However, even on stage in Spain, he had the crowd chanting, “Ricky resign.” “Puerto Rico made me — it has given me so much and I won't turn my back on it,” he says in the clip.

Bad Bunny also shared a message emphasizing that his priority was not to promote music now, but to help his people achieve political change. “To my fans in other countries, I hope you understand me,” he wrote. “It's not the time now to release or promote music or to be posting photos from a boat. I can't, my people need me!”


Ricky Martin also flew to Puerto Rico to join the marches and shared a video on Instagram where he talks directly to the governor.

“Ricardo Rosselló, you are not only cynical, you are also Machiavellian. The only thing you've done with that message you just gave is to play with the mental health of Puerto Ricans,” the singer says. “I ask the presidents of legislative power in the island to please start the process of impeachment. If he doesn't want to go, that's the only option we have. You have to listen to the massive complaint of each Puerto Rican. That's the only option we have. You have to start that process right now.”


Singer René Pérez — the former leader of Calle 13— also expressed his outrage over the video that Rosselló shared on his Facebook page, telling protesters they had the right to express their discontent under the constitution and that he was listening to them.

Rosselló also claimed he had made mistakes and asked for forgiveness, but assured he loved his island and would not leave his political position. “I just saw Ricardo Rosselló's message and I think he is hugely disrespecting the people of Puerto Rico. You are not our governor,” Pérez said. “It's not about the chats or speaking with profanity. I speak with profanity,” the reggaeton star added. “It's about all the corruption there is behind you.”