That's Spanish for Baby Yoda.

Por Yarely Aguilar
Diciembre 11, 2019
Credit: Disney

Since The Mandalorian launched on Disney+ in November, Baby Yoda has completely taken over the internet. Naturally, Latinxs have put their own twist on him, so scroll down for some of the best Yodito memes around.

1. A mood.

From sad Monday mornings to “Domingo de recuperación,” there's a Baby Yoda for every day of the week.

2. The king of salsa.

In addition to loving frogs, Baby Yoda is also a fan of salsa.

3. Carne asada alert.

Every Latinx kid waiting for their parents to feed them.

4. Latinx dads be like…

“Hija, pasame otra cerveza del refrigerador por favor.”

5. Relationship goals.

We can't wait to see all their hynitos!

6. What's life without coffee?

Getting flashbacks to when our moms used to say that “el cafe es malo para los niños” but we'd drink it anyway.

7. On the naughty list.

We all remember those days.

8. Mothers who have had it.

The accuracy level is just stunning.

9. The shot was worth it.

We all miss those “hija te voy a llevar al doctor antes de la escuela” days.

10. Growing up Latinx.

Twenty-five years later and I'm still waiting for my mom to say bye to all my family.

11. Give him the aux cord.

Baby Yoda is me trying to listen to “La Vaca” every day at 7 a.m. but my mom won't let me because “voy para la escuela y no para un party.”

12. Tías are the best.

We all have that one tía who will give you anything.

13. It's that time of year again.

Nothing like getting off from work and going home to your cobija del tigre.

14. When the food is still not ready.

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