"There's werewolves now!" says the TikTok star of the new Disney Channel original movie.


Ariel Martin, aka TikTok superstar Baby Ariel, stopped by People CHICA to discuss her new movie Zombies 2, premiering Friday on the Disney Channel. The sequel to 2018’s popular Zombies, Zombies 2 features Ariel as a werewolf named Wynter. “Wynter is super quirky and she’s super weird and she’s a big ball of love and heart,” Ariel tells Aitana Viñuales, People CHICA’s Kid Reporter. “But with Wynter, she does not know how to keep her emotions under control. She gets super angry, she gets super sad, she gets super caring [and] super happy way too soon, but it’s because she cares about her family.”

According to Ariel, Zombies 2 starts off with things going pretty well between the resident zombies and cheerleaders of Seabrook High, but that changes when a new group of werewolves show up in town. “We kind of shake things up a little bit,” she says. “So I guess that’s the main difference — there’s werewolves now!” Ariel also has a new song, titled “The New Kid in Town,” in the movie. “It felt like we were really just hanging out, eating with each other having fun, and it was great,” she says of filming the video.

After Zombies 2, Ariel will stay busy with another Disney project — the new Disney+ show Disney Fam Jam, which will feature families competing against each other in dance battles. No matter what, though, she’ll alway stay true to her first love, TikTok. “What I enjoy about TikTok is how much fun you can have on the app,” she says. “There are no rules. There’s no boundaries. There’s no box that you have to be in. You can literally go on TikTok and do whatever you want.”

Zombies 2 premieres Friday, February 14 at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel.