Por Hello Giggles
Febrero 10, 2017
Gary Gershoff/WireImage

We're super grateful that the modeling world has become (slightly) more inclusive in recent years, but there's been some confusion over Ashley Graham's latest Vogue cover.

Via Instagram, Graham responded to the cover controversy and insisted that the decision to pose that way was hers — and that the shape of her body was not altered in post.

If you need a refresher, the whole hoopla started over the fact that many of Graham's fans noticed that she was posing slightly differently from the other “smaller” models on the cover. Some assumed this was done intentionally by the higher ups at Vogue in an attempt to make Graham look skinnier. They also speculated that the photo was manipulated to include Hadid's arm extending over Graham's stomach.

Here's the image:

“I chose to pose like that..no one told me to do anything,” she explained in the same comments thread.

Of course we're relieved that Graham wasn't given any unfair direction from Vogue — although some of her fans and commenters still remain unconvinced. Sigh…the internet. At the end of the day, Graham was absolutely radiant on the cover. She's a a super strong woman who looks totally badass with her fellow team mates.

There's definitely still a lot of photoshopping that goes on with glossy magazine covers, and in a way we're glad this conversation got started — even if this time it wasn't founded. Because the more light that gets shined on all the behind-the-scenes photo manipulation, the less likely the rest of us are to hold ourselves to the unrealistic standards they create.

We're also so incredibly happy that Graham is getting her time to shine in the modeling world, because she's a champion for body positivity and emits all the good vibes. Here's to loving ourselves and recognizing that beauty comes in every shape and size!